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Best & Affordable IT Staffing Solution

Best & Affordable IT Staffing Solution

It is hard to find out the best price IT solutions according to the requirements as there are a number of factors involved in it. There is a high price but no quality that makes you very disappointed but here we are making t best for you, we are offering you that best solutions at the best price that you have not seen or hear by anyone. We do not just believe in the quantity of work but consider its quality first, it is out motive to provide our 100% in every job to keep you happy and satisfied and this is the actual purpose we have trained our staff as well.

We are having the complete professional, hardworking, energetic and concerned staff members who have great interest to come up with your best IT solutions that will make you happy. Along with that we have a focus on the cost efficiency of your services so your will get them on reachable prices that will not let you down at all. We make sure that the price we offer you is according to your budget and compatible to the job you are providing we not only with the client on the price but also manage our employees with the best price management but it doesnt means we pay less to more to them. The payment is always according to the nature of the project and that is final.

Our motive is not to compete with other firms working on the basis of pricing but we have focus to give them competition in the real field that id our work. We want to prove that by keeping a focus we can make things better and affordable as well. We have made some pricing criteria for our clients:

Hourly rates:

Time is money and that is true, we offer to our client to get charged for the time which their project will take. The projects can be big or small and take time according to their density so we provide our clients some of clear options that they can decide the hours their project will take to get complete by themselves and leave the hard work on us. Or in the next option we will do it for them and let them know how much time it is taking and then negotiate on the pricing as well. In every case we let the door of negotiation open.

Professional staffing:

In the quality work only time is not important even our professionals do have a value, if you need perofessonal and expert to do your project then you obviously hire him and for that your cost is variant. Although we have the professionals cost but it is far less than the other in the field because we believe in quality works with honesty and considers your budget as well. We have some of professions in categories, we usually provide the professionals with maximum experience of 2 years because the professionals with experience of 5 years are hard to afford normally.

If you have any question regarding offshore staffing and projects cost, please feel free to let us now.

Why you choose virtual staffing?

We are living on the edge of technology where everyone has his own options in the advanced technology and use these options as priority.

The Benefits of hiring an SEO expert

We give our words developers who have the best of our knowledge and all updates skills to work comfortably with. The best results are possible, using the latest trends.

Role of Virtual team members

No task can be done in isolation. Teamwork is the essence of efficient working and best possible outcomes. It is our core value to give utmost importance to meeting deadlines and satisfying clients from diverse backgrounds.

Hiring of dedicated PHP

Inforadix has always dealt efficiently with technological changes in the world. In our team we hire experts to meet with the everyday technological challenges.

Advantages of a virtual staffing

We are the benefactors of the capability of virtual staffing and promise that our team is capable, accountable and omnipresent for you always, even they are offshore and deskbound in our offices.


Been a real pleasure working with InfoRadix. Patient and knowledgeable.

Kevin Cho, 

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InfoRadix team is excellent to work with, they completed everything in a timely fashion and responded promptly to any issues we had. They are also fluent in English and easy to understand on Skype. If you need a projected completed right, hire them... you won't be disappointed.

Clayton Coleman, 

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InfoRadix is the best team I worked with. They are always on time. They always creates clean functional coding, great system analyse, problem solving, perfect solutions to difficult and complex cases and gives options to chose one as a solution. Thank you for all and happy to work with our next projects.

Bogac GURGUN, 

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