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In this developing era of e-business, fast and efficient connectivity has made the world into a global village. Understanding the importance of the progressing internet world, InfoRadix believes that ecommerce is an integral part of modern day development. This era demands efficient processing from both ends of professional relationship. While a customer seeks for services that are cost efficient as well as timely, a business searches for techniques that can make the technical work easier for the employees. Understanding this, to stay in the league and surpass other who has yet to gain experience, we make sure that all the employees know the right approach to each problem. For this very reason, we provide you with the latest ecommerce solutions with deep insight of the working processes.

We cater to all needs of the customers concerning with high end ecommerce applications and provide them with feasible custom designs and module implementations. Moreover, we at InfoRadix also provide with an open forum of ecommerce solutions called osCommerce catering to the needs of the customers. Ecommerce applications today also give customers an easier access to the business which ultimately leads to prosperity. So what we see is ecommerce as the future of the technological era with regular updates and integrated programs and our experience has helped us in advancing in this field profoundly!

Here you will find the services we offer:

  • All essentials of catalogue listing and research
  • Complete reports on operating businesses with further forecasting
  • Management of order and processing
  • Integrated payment processes
  • liClassification of products on many levels
  • Categorization of products for easy finding
  • Reviews and ratings of products with reference to customer satisfaction
  • Multiple promotional programs such as naming product of the day etc.

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It is a real pleasure to work with professionals like InfoRadix. I will highly recommend!

Dragos Paun, 

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We have worked with InfoRadix for years and many projects. We are still very satisfied, which is why we always return with more work. Thank you InfoRadix.

Iben Cenholt, 

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InfoRadix is the best team I worked with. They are always on time. They always creates clean functional coding, great system analyse, problem solving, perfect solutions to difficult and complex cases and gives options to chose one as a solution. Thank you for all and happy to work with our next projects.

Bogac GURGUN, 

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