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InfoRadix works on providing solutions to customers related to IT problems. We also work as a consultancy that aims to provide solutions that best fit situations and attract more customers to the client’s business. Usually we are approached by people wishing to get a website designed or to have it maintained in the long run forming good customer relationships. However, with everything shifting to a cellphone in hand and nothing more, we wisely predict the importance of mobile phone applications beforehand. Today, most of the top companies demand a mobile app which is very essential for their customers.

With an integrated mobile application, a business feels like it is directly in contact with its customers. The customers do feel at ease ordering, purchasing or even viewing products of a certain business more easily with downloadable applications. Hence, we provide with skillful employees that promise a bug free application that works efficiently and provides prosperity to the business. We at InfoRadix have a special department that caters to such needs of building a good mobile application. Our technical team makes sure that each application runs perfectly with no problems and assists the customers in maintaining their downloadable applications. These applications provide a long term benefit to the business for they allow customers a gateway to the business.

Today almost every company or leading brand has an application. For this reason, to stay in the competition and to win more customers, a website alone can’t provide you with the benefits that the application can. The wiser decision would be to get a mobile application that isn’t very complex but simple to use and our experts know how to do that. Everything is customizable, from the colors to the design. Even the simplest application would allow the business to choose the title pages and other features of the application. So with much insight in this field of IT, we suggest that a business should also get a mobile application developed.

Regarding Mobile apps development we cover the following mobile & tablet platform:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Windows Mobile
  • Andriod tablet
  • BlackBerry

Our experts & and experienced Team has years of experience and wide knowledge of programming and enterprise applications. We use the most advanced tools to create powerful mobile applications which help to generate more sales of your business concern. If you have further question, please feel free to .



Been a real pleasure working with InfoRadix. Patient and knowledgeable.

Kevin Cho, 

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Excellent contractor. Very knowledgeable and communicative. Will continue to work with Inforadix again.

Richard Green, 

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For someone having English as his second language, InfoRadix team has excellent communication skills. They are highly capable, professional, friendly, client-centred, and creative in suggestions / ideas too. I recommend InfoRadix without hesitation.

Ewen Atkinson, 

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