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Virtual staffing has been considered the most optimized and convenient model over the past decade, also considered as successful in this realm. Remote teams which are commonly referred to virtual team are in a direct connection with clients who are profoundly willing to work for them. In this era this flexibility is preferred and provides agility to the tasks over the stagnant and modest environment. People are lured to their ease of working their desired time, hence provides more significance to virtual staffing. Employer are always the benefactor of this model as the major reason behind is more productivity, competent environment, happier employee and balances life much better, satisfaction of rewards.

We are providers of the facility of virtual staffing and assure that our team is competent, responsible and ubiquitous for you always, even they are offshore and sitting in our offices. We provide opportunities to those who are much interested and every department in our firm has a complete work force of virtual staff members who are efficient in production and managing the allocated task. From content writers to software developers and graphic designers, all associated with InfoRadix and work under the slogan to conformance to requirement in a very qualitative manner, using the latest techniques and skill, we make sure that our adroit employees are functional and supportive the clients. We measure the quality of each professional at our organization to upgrade and enhance the better experience of our clients. Time zone difference can be coped and the pricing are completely negotiable from our team. Everything is catered in an efficient way and all the time line are met in time. There are numerous clients already working with us around the globe and we are proudly managing our teams for the quality we are proud of.

Virtual Staffing Benefits:

  • No employee training cost
  • No setup or equipment’s cost
  • No staff benefit expense- (employee insurance & paid leaves)
  • No long term financial agreement with virtual resources
  • You can hire/fire virtual resource any time or completion of project
  • 40 Hours work Per Week
  • Affordable and cost saving especially
  • Daily work reports
  • Daily full time availability of resource
  • Direct Communication with employees
  • Fully equipped with best design & development skills.

If you have a plan hire a virtual team or an individual staff like graphics designer, software engineer or internet marketing expert(SEO), please feel free to



It is a real pleasure to work with professionals like InfoRadix. I will highly recommend!

Dragos Paun, 

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For someone having English as his second language, InfoRadix team has excellent communication skills. They are highly capable, professional, friendly, client-centred, and creative in suggestions / ideas too. I recommend InfoRadix without hesitation.

Ewen Atkinson, 

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InfoRadix is the best team I worked with. They are always on time. They always creates clean functional coding, great system analyse, problem solving, perfect solutions to difficult and complex cases and gives options to chose one as a solution. Thank you for all and happy to work with our next projects.

Bogac GURGUN, 

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