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InfoRadix consulting can provide you all IT related solutions and help you to enhance your business through the use of technology. One of the many services which we offer is Graphic Designing. Graphic Designing is a complex process and it needs a lot of skills and creativity which are essentially promised by the company. We develop websites for companies with multimedia additions, for example, graphics and swf animations as well as sounds which are according to the need of our client and would match the vision and mission of their company. We do not rely on simpler methods of graphic designing, rather, aspires for creativity and individuality for each business according to its best suited needs. InfoRadix team is brilliantly skilled and has full command over designing; hence, work of InfoRadix always speaks for its self.

We have myriad experience in all sections of design and production and have surpassed others in Visual Communications. We offer a very wide range of offshore Graphic Designing services for example giving help to clients in creating images and videos which would be unique, memorable and meaningful. We understand the need of the business and work to provide assistance in every way possible.

For any company it is very important to offer something different than its competitors and our InforRadix team knows it very well therefore it helps its clients to develop original visual content which would differentiate them from their competitors. Graphic designing may be very common now but the practical know how of this technology is only perfectly implemented under this firm. Another area of interests for clients could be the tools that we use for graphic designing. These tools give amazing results if used properly. We understand that and makes sure that our employees master the art of using these tools for better results. The up to date technology allows us to provide to customers what other firms can’t and this becomes a plus point in favor of them. We use Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks and also Photoshop which are all new and up to date.



Excellent contractor. Very knowledgeable and communicative. Will continue to work with Inforadix again.

Richard Green, 

BeneMedical, LLC More >>

It is a real pleasure to work with professionals like InfoRadix. I will highly recommend!

Dragos Paun, 

AMESO More >>

Been a real pleasure working with InfoRadix. Patient and knowledgeable.

Kevin Cho, 

Nimble Foods More >>

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