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It’s pretty understandable that once before coming down to the officials; one would like to know about the people he is working with. So we at InfoRadix don’t treat our clients as strangers, rather as a part of our team. If someone shows interest in seeking advice or any sort of help from us, we don’t demand cash up front or sign the deal demanding our rates. We rather consider negotiating and choosing the flexible road that suits both client and team. We believe in meetings and planning that gets us the repute we have. Many clients don’t like the work we offer or even the work that we present to them after some effort and we respect that. Here is the pattern we follow:


For us, sharing with client about our environment, structure and team is as important as knowing what project we are going to be associated with. The trust binding between both parties is what gives us so many satisfied clients. We introduce ourselves to the client and our expert team or representatives also come down to the table so that they get firsthand knowledge of what the clients want, showing them the capability and an image of skillfulness. A lot of ideas are penned in this meeting and negotiations are done. Certain modifications are required to make the clients idea realistic. Then on the final plan does the client get to decide whether he wants to take the project further or not.


Once the client feels that his idea has been rightfully illustrated in our rough draft then things progress to let’s say managing a regular meet up schedule where we discuss free days or time slots to keep in touch. Price is also determined at this point which is negotiable and further specifications are also added into the basic plan. The client can always make changes at any point during the development or even after the development. All matters of the website are catered to by us and help is provided by us.

Regarding your projects architecture, development & business promotion, please contact us and give us a chance to help you.



InfoRadix team is excellent to work with, they completed everything in a timely fashion and responded promptly to any issues we had. They are also fluent in English and easy to understand on Skype. If you need a projected completed right, hire them... you won't be disappointed.

Clayton Coleman, 

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InfoRadix is the best team I worked with. They are always on time. They always creates clean functional coding, great system analyse, problem solving, perfect solutions to difficult and complex cases and gives options to chose one as a solution. Thank you for all and happy to work with our next projects.

Bogac GURGUN, 

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It is a real pleasure to work with professionals like InfoRadix. I will highly recommend!

Dragos Paun, 

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